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personal-injuryWhether you or a friend is suffering from a debilitating injury or the tragic loss of a family member, Craig can help.  Craig has represented both the injured (plaintiff) and the insurance company (defendant, civil defense).  The experience gained by being on both sides of an injury suit enables Craig to more effectively represent and obtain better results for his clients. 

While defending big companies Craig saw firsthand the effect corporate power and greed had on the common man and woman.  Working for big business fueled Craig’s desire to represent the people harmed by their reckless actions. 

If you are injured, have an oil and gas dispute, or an insurance company is refusing to pay a claim, give Craig a call.

Contingency Fee:  A contingency fee is the way Craig is compensated in the majority of the personal injury, oil and gas, and insurance cases he pursues.  That means that you do not pay anything unless you WIN your case.


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