Suspended Or Revoked Driver's License? Apply For An Occupational License To Maintain Your Professional Or Educational Transportation Freedom. PDF Print E-mail

An occupational license is a restricted license issued to people who have had their driver's license suspended or revoked for certain offenses. An occupation license authorizes the operation of a non-commercial vehicle in connection with a job, education, or in the performance of essential household chores.

How long does it take?

The timeframe for approval depends greatly on the caseload of the particular court and judge. Upon approval, the occupational license may take up to thirty days to arrive. During that time, the court order may be used as the license.

Can I drive at all times and anywhere?

Normally, the number of hours that you are allowed to drive depends on how much you can show the court that you need to drive. The default allowance for occupational licenses is four hours per day, the maximum is twelve hours.

The license specifically authorizes the drive for the performance of an occupation, transportation to a job, transportation to an educational facility, or in the performance of household duties (grocery shopping, errands, etc.). Anything beyond these authorized purposes would be forbidden.

What are requirements?

In order to receive an occupational license, one must draft and file a Petition of an Occupational Driver's License, accompanied by the appropriate fee, with the court that has jurisdiction over the matter. Additionally, the petitioner must obtain SR-22 insurance which is a special insurance policy (required in Texas) as a prerequisite to receiving the occupational license. Some courts may also require a copy of the requester's driving record. The judge will review the petition and may sometimes require a special hearing before granting the license.


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